Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day two - Toronto is alive with the sound of music!

The moment we were all waiting for - The Sound of Music.

After an early dinner of Angie's delicious flank steak, we went back downtown for an evening we will never forget. It was the first time I set foot at the Princess of Wales Theatre and here - a beautiful modern theatre. Lady Di, gotta love her.

Not only did we get awesome seats, we also had many surprises. We were invited to Private Lounge before the show and during intermission courtesy of

What can we find in the Private Lounge? Drinks, nuts, mints, jujubes and ice cream. Another great perk - a private bathroom. No line-ups for this lucky group.

Us lounging around privately as a group! The big room was all for us.

Do you see a happy boy? He's got his juice, jujubes, cashews and ice cream. The works!

Did we enjoy the show? Needless to say I was very surprised to hear myself balling my eyes out the entire show, alternating between weeping and laughing. Really. I know, I'm pretty pathetic but I LOVED it. In fact, everyone did.

I recommend anyone to see it. They have great hotel, dinner, show deals. Check it out here. This is the best show I've ever seen and I've seen many. The sets were incredible. The multi-talented cast members were very well chosen with singing and acting close to perfection. Elicia Mackenzie, the actress playing Maria, was selected during the tv show How do you solve a problem like Maria on CBC.

Did we go home after the show? Of course not. Jim had arranged for a tour "behind the scenes". We met with the Production Manager who gave us a tour of the sets and how it all works behind the scenes. This was such a huge surprise and so exciting. Will was able to wear the nazi helmet used in the show. Fun stuff.

After the tour, we exited through the stage door. The boys went back home while the girls had a drink downtown.

The end to a perfect evening.

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Nathalie said...

Did you know that one of the performer in the play is a published scrapbooker and is known on 2Peas as LisaToronto? ;P

Looks like you were having a wonderful time!