Friday, August 21, 2009

Day four - Canada's blazing Wonderland

Where were we during Toronto's hottest day of the summer? We spent it at Canada's Wonderland!!

It was hard to really enjoy it with the extreme heat. The shaded areas were sparse and the line-ups for the rides sometimes long. With not a cloud in the sky, we still did a few rides in the morning.

Diego and Boots. We did see Dora but she had her groupies around her and couldn't get a good photo.

Will's favorite ride. He did it three times!

After lunch, we went to the water park. As soon as I had my bathing suit on, I ran to the first big water shower to cool off. We did the lazy river twice. It was relaxing and so refreshing!

After sharing DQ blizzards, we changed and went to see a skating show in an air conditioned theatre. We also saw a diving show before we left. The shows were excellent.

Dinner at Swiss Chalet and we headed "home" to our suite exausted!

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