Monday, April 29, 2013

Maine in April

We had a gateaway week-end in Maine to visit my friend Barbara and as usual we had a wonderful time. We ate nothing but fresh seafood, got almost everything on our shopping list, did some sightseeing and spent some good time with friends. We loved the new house by the beach. I loved that my friend Angie came with us. It was a perfect week-end.
The beach house. Beautiful view all around.
Seafood every meal (except breakfast!)

Sightseeing. I love lighthouses. This one is Cape Elizabeth.

The path to the beach from the beach house.

7 miles of beach goodness. I love that is nearly deserted. Only people walking their dogs.

Horse footprints.

A little windy but having a very relaxing walk.

This was supposed to be a shortcut, I don't think so. I'm not very good at rock climbing!

A little historic moment for our car on our way back. Happened in New Hampshire, 100,000 Km.

Monday, April 08, 2013

La musique chez nous

Deux pages sur la musique dans la maison.

Les leçons de piano pour Julie

La guitare pour Phil et son cousin.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Photos of Easter in Toronto

Our home away from home.

Walking around downtown and dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.
Another great family picture! Happy to be together.

The girls.

We saw the Wizard of Oz show.  It was SO good.

The ruby slipper in the theater lobby.

Many many takes to get this picture!

Sunday morning Easter Egg Hunt. Some eggs were really well hidden, that bunny was tricky!!

Checking out her brother's loot.

Adorable boy!

It's a race, who will get them first! Molly is not impressed!

A typical head tilt. All my photos of Caite look like this one!

Walk on the beach.
A professional rock thrower.

Another professional rock thrower.

Family shot!!!


Keagan and Will.

Jim and Angie


It's windy!!

Julie and Angie.