Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Remember your roots

Lots of texture on this 12x12 canvas. It sits in my hallway. It's base is composed of a bunch of postal stamps.

A pair of what ?

A pear for my brother's house. My first canvas. I love the colours.

La Geisha

One of my favorites. I still can't believe how good she looks and appeared so quickly.

There's an elephant in the room!

For my parents.

On the bedroom wall

Mixed media art journaling

I wish I had more time to create in my art journal.

Two large canvas in mixed media

12 x 36 canvas. 

A simple canvas

To match my new wall colours, I made this simple painting.

Mixed media faces

Not easy painting people and faces. I took a class and it helped. I now need to practice, practice, practice.


A stamp, not my drawing.

Cartes en 2016

Production de cartes en 2016. Mon inventaire était presque vide.

Cartes de la Saint-Valentin - Édition 2017

Une autre batch de cartes rouges et roses pour le jour de l'Amour! Voici les nouveautés. Je suis bien contente de la vente de cartes 2017.