Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Photos of Easter in Toronto

Our home away from home.

Walking around downtown and dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.
Another great family picture! Happy to be together.

The girls.

We saw the Wizard of Oz show.  It was SO good.

The ruby slipper in the theater lobby.

Many many takes to get this picture!

Sunday morning Easter Egg Hunt. Some eggs were really well hidden, that bunny was tricky!!

Checking out her brother's loot.

Adorable boy!

It's a race, who will get them first! Molly is not impressed!

A typical head tilt. All my photos of Caite look like this one!

Walk on the beach.
A professional rock thrower.

Another professional rock thrower.

Family shot!!!


Keagan and Will.

Jim and Angie


It's windy!!

Julie and Angie.


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