Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today I saved a groundhog

Today I saved a groundhog with a lot of help from my friends!

As I'm taking photos of my flowers, I hear the sound of a creature in panic.

What the... I turn around and see this little furry baby groundhog. Oh so cute, I start taking photos before I realize that it is trapped in our badminton net. I have no idea how long it's been there but from the looks of it, I think it's been a while. What to do?

Using scissors, I start to cut the net to see if I can get it free without hurting him or me!! He is so helpless that he does not move. Poor thing, he's a scared little baby. Now that he is free of the net, he is still not moving. He is now unattached and I'm scared to get close to the neck area. I don't want him to bite me. What to do?

My neighbours are outside so I tell them my dilemma. Come to the rescue Doctor Maria who is a hero under pressure. With calmness, she is able to grab the two ends and cut the rest of the net while the animal is hanging.

Once completely out, the groundhog is in shock and stays in the same spot and falls asleep. I think it is hurt.

We gave him a little bit of water and some fresh leaves. He ate and slept all afternoon.

Good luck little fellow.


Nathalie said...

Poor little fellow! :( You did a good dead! I hope that he makes it.

Isabelle said...

quelle histoire (et très bien documentée en images)!