Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter week-end

Where did we go for Easter? We went to the Big Apple!

The Big Apple in Colborne, Ontario that is! This year, unlike all the other years, we headed to Toronto for Easter week-end. We had big events planned and all were a huge success thanks to our wonderful hosts Angie, Jim, Keagan and Caite.

The road to Toronto was lots of fun for the four Kia passengers who sang their hearts out. Beatlemania was in da house! Will also watched Big Bang Theory episodes on the laptop.

On Friday evening, the boys (Robert, Phil, Will and Jim) went to Rogers Centre to see a Blue Jays baseball game while Julie chilled home with Angie and the kiddies. The Blue Jays won 6-4 in the 11th inning.

Saturday morning, Julie and Robert went to T&T, a major attraction for the eyes and palate. LOVE going there and wish that one day we may finally have one in La Belle Province. The samples were better than at Costco's!

Will was great playing with Keagan and Caite all week-end. He's always wanted a younger sibling so he was happy. The kids also enjoyed playing with him. Phil was in book heaven. Jim has an amazing collection of Beatles books, Rolling Stones, etc. He took advantage of it and read a lot.

Robert is still in love with this girl. Unfortunately, the boy is allergic to the camera, right now.

Pizza Pizza for lunch and off to see the Big Show. Our hosts were so generous in giving us tons of cool merchandise for Billy Elliot, The Musical as well as driving us to the theater. We wore our t-shirts to the show, making a little publicity as we walked downtown. What an amazing production, the talent was incredible. I would go back to see the show in a heart beat. The place was sold out. The Cannon Theater is gorgeous. We even caught a ball from the cannon in the show. We took a trolley back, that was fun and so convenient, we felt like locals.

Sunday morning was the much anticipated Easter egg hunt. Will searched for the hard to reach eggs and helped the little ones with the treasure map. I am positive that this Easter will be remembered. “I wish it was Easter every day”, says Keagan. A special thought to Barbara and her family with whom we’re always celebrated Easter. You were missed.

Caite with her new bling.

The kids playing with the loot.

Next was another cultural even for the boys. We had Dim Sum lunch. The boys had a chance to practice their chopstick skills and sample new delicacies. Since they are very picky eaters, we are proud that the boys put an effort in tasting. I love dim sum. I wish I could have tried everything on that menu. It was oh so delicious

This is my favorite photo. Phil is showing some concern towards his brother as he is trying something.

After lunch, we said our farewell to our friends and headed back on the 401 where we did our first pit stop at The Big Apple. Phil had an amazing crumble apple pie and Will had a burger. While we are happy that they tried the Dim Sum, this was just a sample for them.

We had a late dinner in Corwall and came back home in time to watch Michal Ignatieff on “Tout le monde en parle”.

Happy Easter everyone!


Isabelle said...

Wow, quelle belle manière de célébrer un long weekend...

Angie said...

We were so glad you could join us as well - we had a great time, too! I want some of those pictures! Love, Angie

Cacoune said...

Superbe ton résumé du week-end de Pâques ! Vous avez vraiment eu du bon temps mais je ne peux pas croire que vous avez eu du fun sur la 401 ! C'est une route teeeeelllllement ennuyante !