Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blue Rodeo concert in Montréal

Last night, we went to la Place des Arts to see Blue Rodeo, one of my favorite Canadian band. What a night it was!! I've been a big fan for the past 25 years and have most of their albums. I also really liked the opening band Cuff the Duke who has very similar style as BR.

Blue Rodeo's setlist:

1. Never Look Back
2. One More Night
3. Rose-Coloured Glasses
4. Rain Down on Me
5. Don't Let the Darkness in Your Head
6. Head Over Heels
7. It Could Happen to You
8. One Light Left in Heaven
9. Blue House
10. All the Things That Are Left Behind
11. 5 Days in May
12. Cynthia
13. And When You Wake Up
14. Gossip
15. Waiting for the World
16. Heart Like Mine
17. Trust Yourself
18. Hasn't Hit Me Yet
19. Diamond Mine


20. Till I Am Myself Again
21. Montreal
22. Lost Together

This morning's critiques were very favorable:

Critique dans Cyberpresse.

Review in The Gazette.

My photos:

The Gazette's photos.

I think I now need to buy their latest CD.

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